Friday, January 11, 2013

Depression: Heal And Not Relapse Due To Cbt

Why deal with a painful event or even the same disaster,  some will depression and others do not  ? Is that in each such circumstance leads to negative thoughts, ruminations, which  are the bed of the depression .

The cognitive and behavioral therapies or CBT , then constitute a very effective therapeutic approach for working with thoughts, how to live and how to be.

CBT reduced by 2 relapse rate and double the cure rate at 6 months.

Depression: a psychological vulnerability

If you've ever been depressed (s) in your life, the experience of a single episode sad or stress can make you relive the same negative thoughts that you had to suffer at the time.

This is called psychological vulnerability , which leads those who are victims ruminating on their problems, which reinforces their sadness and leads them into a vicious circle.

Learn to accept the sadness and no longer ruminate

The behavioral therapies and cognitive , or CBT, therefore their place in the treatment of depression .

We already knew they divide by 2 the rate of relapse. now known, thanks to a new study by the Lancet , they doubled the success rate among those who were resistant to conventional treatment with antidepressants alone.

In practice, the CBT will teach the patient to change their dysfunctional patterns by showing them how to:

- Not want at all costs erase any negative thoughts , but to prevent their roots,
- Recognize that maintains these negative thoughts as autopilot (I drop a glass, so I suck, etc..), attempts to find solutions to all the constant monitoring between what was and what we want, etc..
- Stop trying to avoid at all costs sadness force to seek happiness.
Understand that happiness and sadness succeed like the sun after rain
- Learning to live their emotions more serene,
- Strengthen its self-esteem.

Be followed by a therapist trained in CBT If you are concerned (e) the difficulty out of a depression or if you have depressive tendencies that make you suffer too often, you have any interest to consider therapy cognitive behavioral type .

This is done with the help of therapists trained in CBT, psychologists or psychiatrists , whose book is on the website of the Association of French and cognitive behavioral therapies  :

It is indeed not possible to improvise specialist in CBT , training for 3 years, with practical seminars and follow-up of patients with supervision.

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